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                Haitian Social Projects


                The value of an entrepreneur lies not only in development of the corporation, but also for contribution?to community and responsibility to contribute to a better country and for the people.“ spoke?Mr. Zhang Jingzhang, Chairman of Haitian International Holdings Ltd., at the inauguration ceremony?of Haitian Charity Foundation.

                We believe the success in business shall go hand-in-hand with responsibility to community and provision?of help to groups in need. At the same time, charity activities provide valuable opportunities?for our employees and partners to contribute to community with their own skills and resources.

                Since the founding of Haitian Group, our efforts to contribute to our community have never stopped. Our employees also contributed personally for aids to natural disasters and this was echoed with “One-Day Donation” since 2003. The total contribution from Haitian Group and its employees till 2020 for charitable purposes had reached RMB 200 million. In order to conduct such charitable activities in a systematic and consistent manner, the Zhejiang Haitian Charity Foundation was founded on January 8, 2013.

                The purpose of the foundation is to support people in need in our community, such as children deprived of education, people who are in financial distress due to illness,?physical disability or loss of family members But also to support our employees, for example through workplace and training programmes as well as daily life support. Today,?the Haitian group has more than 90 public programs. Expenditure in the field of charitable charity amounted to 5,980,000 RMB per year.

                Inauguration ceremony of the Zhejiang Haitian Charity Foundation on February 4, 2013


                REGULAR ACTIVITIES



                BIKE & ELECTRO
                MOBILE REPAIR GROUP

                & COMMONWEAL DAY

                The Small Household Appliances Repair Group, the Bike & Electromobile Repair Group and other activities are organized by our staff. We also encourage our employees?to organize new charity activities so that in addition to participation, they are able to input their idea in the design, planning and implementation of such activities and our?Foundation would provide financial support. Also we provide finan cial household support to families in need as a result of natur al disasters, accidents or severe sickness.

                MEDICINE & HEALTH

                MEDICAL CHECK-UP

                We provide free initial medical check-ups and seminar on common disease preventive measures and treatment by doctors with different expertise. Other Community Service?are the visit of elderly and support to special groups of people in need. For example in joint operation with Ningbo Beilun Xiaogang Jiedao Women Association we visited?women in financial needs and suffering from cancer and youths in need to improve their livelihood and learning. Also we provide financial support to people in need as a?result of severe sickness or who cannot afford medical expenses.


                ACTIVITY GROUP

                CLOTHING DONATION

                READING CAMP

                Activities such as environmental protection or clothing donations are among our regular program points. Special charity projects include reading camps for children as?well as financial support for families in need. We also devote a lot of attention and financial support to families who are struggling to send their children to school and to?the educational needs of adults at high school and university level. Last but not least, the annual Haitian Charity Day offers free services such as haircut, photography, eye?examination, blood tests, etc.


                Visit to Ka Ang Minority Schools in Qinghai Province

                The Ka Ang Minority School in Qinghai Province in the northeast of the Tibetan highlands provides free education. The children receiving education at this school are orphans,?children from single-parent families and families without labour capabilities. Haitian Group has been providing financial support to the school since 2014 and Haitian?Charity Foundation financed the new school building in 2016.

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